The word PERFIN is derived from the words “PERForated INItial” which are stamps that have been perforated with initials or designs of banks, railroads, or large organizations in order to discourage stamp theft.   There are some 70 countries that have stamps punched in this manner.   In 1984 England started to perforate stamps and the USA began this practice in 1908.

Perfins can be collected by:

  • TYPES – A specific type of perforator punch used and are usually placed face down to clearly show the punch holes.
  • ISSUES – To obtain a different stamp with each different type of perfin

Collection 0f perfins is fun but is not intended to create a profitable collection.   Most stamps of these types have a value that runs from five cents to five dollars and two to three dollars for their covers.  This is due to perforated stamps being considered damaged to a collector who generally wants a fine and undamaged example for a stamp collection that has monetary value.

Example Perfin Page

Example Perfin Cover

                 Example Perfin Cover