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The word PERFIN is derived from the words PERForated INitial, that is stamps that have been perforated with initials or designs by banks, railroads and other large organizatiions to discourage stamp theft.There are some 70 countries whose stamps are punched in this manner. Perfroating stamps started in England in 1864 and was authorized in the USA in 1908.  Shown here is an example Perfin Pattern.
Among the ways of collecting perfins are:

  • By TYPES, that is one example of each type of perforator punch (these collections are usualy mounted face down to clearly show the punch holes).
  • By ISSUES, trying to obtain each different stamp with each different type of perfin.

Collecting perfins is fun and not for profit collection. Most values run from $0.05 to $5.00 for stamps and $2.00 to $30.00 for the covers. This is due to the fact that perforated stamps are generally considered damaged to a collector who is wanting fine examples for a regular stamp collection.

Example of a Cover

Example Perfin Collection Page